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Whoever occupies lithium mines will be able to seize the arteries of new energy vehicles.

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Lithium will become "new gasoline", which sounds a little exaggerated, but this change is more and more obvious.

With the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, the demand for lithium in the global market, especially in China, is also rapid and even crazy.

In 2017, the production and marketing of new energy vehicles were close to 800 thousand vehicles, which reached 794 thousand and 777 thousand respectively, up 53.8% and 53.3% respectively, and the growth rate of production and sales increased by 2.1 and 0.3 percentage points respectively. In 2017, the new energy vehicle market accounted for 2.7%, an increase of 0.9 percentage points over the previous year.

Battery technology is very important to the performance of electric vehicles, because batteries are the most expensive and heavy components on electric vehicles. An analyst at Bernstein (Bernstein) said the cost of a battery of 500 kilometers for a series of miles is now about $20 thousand, compared with a cost of only $5000 for a gasoline engine.

They say that technological progress will help reduce battery costs and reduce the cost of electric vehicles as early as 2021 to gasoline vehicles.

With the popularity of new energy vehicles, the supply of electric vehicles will become one of the main driving forces of global lithium demand.

First of all, lithium is called "gasoline", indicating that it is playing an important role in the field of batteries for new energy vehicles. But on the other hand, the distribution of lithium is not extensive, and the reserves are not known, so all car companies are taking advantage of lithium resources.

Lithium is a soft white metal, a very small but indispensable element in battery technology. There is no free lithium in nature, so it actually refers to lithium or lithium salts.

Lithium salt is produced in ore or salt water, and its reserves are concentrated in Argentina, Australia, China, Chile and Nevada.

An interesting phenomenon is that in the past year, China's lithium carbonate price has increased by 253%, and the lithium ore industry is slowly moving towards the seller's market. Therefore, we can boldly infer that in the future, whoever holds the lithium mine will take the lifeblood of the new energy vehicle.

This speculation is supported by data. According to Goldman Sachs, by 2030, China's electric vehicles will account for 60% of global output, up from 45% in 2016.

In the 12th Five-Year plan, the Chinese government also formulated the target of 5 million electric vehicles in 2020.

The rapid rise of China's electric car industry, on the one hand, is based on the policy of the Chinese government, on the other hand, because of the public awareness and acceptance of new energy vehicles.

According to the data, 50% of the sales of BYD new energy vehicles are from the non limited purchase cities, which means that new energy vehicles are recognized and accepted in areas without subsidies and policy support, which not only break through the limitations of the "double Limited" cities, but also break through the limitations of local patch.

Therefore, with the continued expansion of the new energy vehicle market in the future, the demand for lithium batteries is stimulated. But at present, Chinese car enterprises lack the core battery technology for electric vehicles. In addition to the core technology of a few car companies such as BYD and other car companies, more electric car batteries are foreign purchase.

At present, two of the world's five largest lithium battery suppliers are in China, that is, the Ningde times Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) and BYD (BYD).

According to foreign media reports, BYD (BYD) is discussing with the Chilean lithium producers to ensure supply. Chile is one of the largest sources of lithium, extracted from the deposits under the Atacama Desert (Atacama Desert).

In the early days, BYD invested 245 million and set up a new company in Qinghai to develop lithium resources in Saline Lake. BYD has made a great breakthrough in the preparation technology of the lithium adsorbent in Saline Lake. It has mastered the preparation technology of lithium adsorbent from the Saline Lake brine, which is the key to the commercial lithium extraction of Saline Lake.

Recently, Shen Xi, deputy general manager of the BYD lithium battery department, said in the 2018 Pearl River Delta future automotive supply chain innovation forum that after the completion of the Qinghai base in 2019, the annual capacity of BYD's power battery in China can reach 34GWh.

Qinghai base production of three yuan battery, the annual capacity of up to 18GWh; Shenzhen base annual capacity of 14GWh, three yuan battery accounts for 40%; and BYD Huizhou base is focused on the production of lithium phosphate lithium battery, the annual capacity of 2GWh.

Although the Ningde era does not directly produce new energy vehicles, but only a battery business, it has mastered the lifeblood of new energy vehicles. Its long-term and stable cooperative customers are almost all from domestic enterprises, including Yutong group, SAIC Group, Beiqi group, Geely Group, Fuqi group, Hunan middle car, Dongfeng Group and Changan group.

In the evening of March 9th this year, *ST announced that its full capital Sun company, Jean international, intends to transfer 36 million 590 thousand shares of its North American lithium industry to the Ningde era new energy Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as the Ningde era) as a wholly owned Sun company in Canada.

From the acquisition of North American lithium industry equity, Ningde era has opened the road of overseas expansion.

In addition, in March 12th, the Ningde era Amperex Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Ningde era", A17325.SZ) updated the prospectus, the company said that the battery sales in the 2017 Ningde era reached 11.8GWh, surpassing Panasonic 10GWh sales, the world's top sales of the number one power battery enterprise. So, for the 6 years since the founding of the Ningde era, this has already achieved a historic leap.

In the future, before other alternative energy sources, who will seize the lithium mine, who will seize the big arteries of new energy vehicles in this era, which is about to be swept through the wave of new energy.