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Power system assembly "dark horse" -- Tianchen\'s new energy ambitions

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Integrating global resource ambitions and determination in parallel
At the beginning of March, Tianchen new energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianchen new energy") planned to invest more than 5 billion yuan in power battery system assembly project in Lishui Economic Development Zone in Nanjing, and declared that it would build a new energy operation, production and research and development global headquarters base in Nanjing, and build power core and system assembly of adult production. BMS has 400 thousand sets of industrial chain benchmarks.

In the situation of tension in the industry, such a large amount of capital investment, triggering the profession of professional personage and curiosity, the previously unseen but a turbulent enterprise in the end? What is the current progress in the field of power batteries? What is the next layout? The following may be one or two.

Data show, Tianchen new energy was founded in 2015, is the holding subsidiary of Hong Kong listed companies Tianchen Holdings (Stock Code: HK01201), focusing on the high energy and high-density three yuan system technology route, dedicated to building the power system assembly chain, promoting the key technology development of the global new energy power battery system. The volume of the book is 1 billion yuan.

Although the entrance time is a little late, but through the high industry lithium electricity exclusive access to Mr. Niu Wentao, the company is finding that the enterprise is stabilizing and playing the active battery industry, and there are new actions every year. In terms of operation and management, Tianchen new energy shows a few "backward" people who are backward and a strategic foresight for the industrial layout.

"We have been looking at the power battery industry for many years before we decide to invest in the power battery industry. We feel that the time is ripe before we really do it." Niu Wentao introduced that at present, Tianchen's new energy has formed the triangle pattern of [Hongkong / Shenzhen - Nanjing - Shaanxi], and the new energy industry block operation management headquarters is the construction of the Lishui system assembly project, and the two places in Shenzhen and Hong Kong have gathered the outstanding talents and capital of the country because of the advantages of geographical location and policy resources. Since its integration, it has been regarded as the headquarters of Tianchen new energy strategy management and control.

The choice of building a manufacturing base in Shaanxi is a comprehensive consideration of government support, manufacturing costs, and the improvement of industrial foundation. In Nanjing, the establishment of Research Institute and system assembly base is based on many car enterprises in East China, rich in customer resources, and with many outstanding talents such as BMS, PACK, automotive electronics and so on.
The compact layout of Tianchen new energy and the positive market development have achieved good results. At present, the company's core capacity is in a saturated state, and the power battery system assembly project is also accelerating in the construction.

In Niu Wentao's view, the power battery enterprises should accurately grasp the development trend of the industry, at least to see the market after the cancellation of the subsidy in 2020, the market prices under the subsidy are always in a hurry and the bubble composition, but eventually the end consumers must say. Only by strengthening confidence in long-term development can we emerge in the process of continuous integration of power battery industry.

18650 positioning "one high one low" core competitive advantage highlights
Niu Wentao pointed out that, in the application, 18650 batteries are mainly used in two areas of "one high and one low", "high" refers to a high-end passenger car similar to Tesla; 'low' refers to a mini car under 100 thousand yuan, a logistics car and so on. The range requirements of this type of car are relatively low (about 200 kilometers), and the cost is relatively tight. Tianchen new energy is combining the advantages of the 18650 battery to develop the market.

It is worth mentioning that although Tianchen new energy mass production of the 18650 core can achieve 2900Ah, which is at a higher level in China, it is not satisfied with it. "We have not put the 18650 core to the extreme," Niu Wentao said. "The entire product technology iteration is going to continue, including new solid state batteries and silicon carbon negative development."

Energetically develop power system assembly based on core
All along, the industry has defined Tianchen new energy as an enterprise with core competitiveness, and Niu Wentao said: "the core is the first step of the Tianchen new energy. We will develop the system assembly, including the thermal management, BMS and other technologies, on the premise of improving the core core technology and production capacity."

According to the question of whether PACK is a battery factory or a car factory, Niu Wentao believes that this is a phased view. In the stage of unfixed production line, high cost of mould and small batch, the PACK input and output are not directly proportional to the output, and the car enterprises will not invest. This requires the professional battery factory to undertake the integration of PACK system. We have BMS, PACK design capability and system integration technology. It can solve the problem of power battery from material to application at the same time by applying the core competitiveness of the company.

When a vehicle can be produced in large quantities, vehicle manufacturers will build PACK plant in consideration of vehicle design needs. At that time, the cooperation mode should be that the electric core enterprise is responsible for the machining module (module welding involves power and responsibility) and combined with the vehicle enterprise PACK. Further development to a certain stage, the core enterprise and vehicle enterprises will be deeply integrated, there will be more joint venture PACK plant mode.

For the rapid growth of Tianchen new energy, there are many listed companies such as Hongkong and other listed companies to give capital support, a cross international team technology research institute to give high-end technical support, intelligent manufacturing automation production line to give large-scale production capacity guarantee, the maximum speed integration of the advantages of resources, shorten technology gap, improve Capacity and product quality, accumulate a large number of high-quality customer resources and practical experience.